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At HitSend (Hit Marketing Limited) we take a dim view of unsolicited commercial emails (spam) and are committed to following all relevant anti-spam Government legislation.
The following is an extract from and provides an overview of The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.


The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 (the Act) provides rules and regulations for sending commercial electronic messages that contain a New Zealand link. The Act is enforced by the Department of Internal Affairs Electronic Messaging Compliance Unit (EMCU).

What is a commercial electronic message?

A commercial electronic message (CEM) is any electronic (email, text, fax or instant) message that markets or promotes goods, services, land (including an interest in land) or a business or investment opportunity.

Making your message compliant


You must have consent from your recipients before sending them a commercial electronic message (CEM). There are three options for obtaining consent: express, inferred or deemed.

It is considered best practice to obtain express consent from your recipients as this shows they have positively ‘opted-in’ to receive your messages.

It is important that you maintain accurate records of consent from your recipients that you can refer to quickly and efficiently.


Any CEMs you send must accurately identify yourself as the sender of the message.

You must provide accurate contact information about how the recipient can contact you as the sender of that message.

Your contact information within the message must be valid for at least 30 days following the sending of that message.


Your CEMs must contain a functional unsubscribe facility that the recipient can use to unsubscribe their electronic address and stop receiving CEMs from you.

The unsubscribe facility must be presented clearly and conspicuously in your messages.

There must be no cost to the recipient if they use the unsubscribe facility. This includes unsubscribing from SMS messages. The unsubscribe facility must be functional and valid for at least 30 days following the sending of the message.

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