Our Process

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Step 1. Your Brand and a Plan

We start off by getting to know you, your business and your brand. From there we put together a 12 month content plan outlining what will be sent out to your customer database each month.

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Step 2. Your Monthly Newsletter

Each month we put together your engaging newsletter using your 12 month plan, content you’ve provided and, depending on which HitSend plan you’ve chosen, we’ve written for you.

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Step 3. Your Results

You have access to your email marketing account, so you can log in and see the key metrics of how your newsletter has performed – who has opened it, who has clicked, who unsubscribed etc.

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About HitSend

HitSend provides personalised, customised email marketing and newsletter solutions for small and medium businesses. We focus on helping our clients connect and engage with their customer base to increase their leads, sales and revenue.